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Some years ago information security is not a hot topic. Because in that time organizations did not heavily depend on computer based system. Internet was not there and few people had the technical knowledge. But nowadays, the situation got changed.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Download Entire FB Photo Album In Few Seconds

Facebook is a most common and great way to share photos with your friends and family members. There has been a huge rise in the number of photos shared on Facebook with more than 60 billion photos shared by its members already.  Everyday we see our friends and family members sharing pictures on Facebook as albums and there are times when you want to download and store them on your machine. This is quite difficult task, if you have to download each picture by right-clicking and then doing “Save Image As…” for each photo.

Facebook2Zip  is a web service that allows you to download your friends' Facebook photo albums in a single zip archive. As well as this is a simple way to back up your own Facebook photo albums. This is a totally free online too.

To start using this service, you just have to visit the Facebook2Zip official web site and log in with Facebook. When you login with your Facebook login credentials it will allow you to select yourpersonal albums or type and select your Friends name that you want to download from. Then it will display the list of albums and you can select and download. You can download individual or multiple photo albums.

Please let me know if anything is not working properly. Good Luck! :)

Virus Analysis; Code Evolution Techniques

One of the most important requirements of malicious code analysis is the understand of advanced code evolution techniques.There are common techniques used by malicious code developers and writers to evade detection and destruction: 

Common Techniques:

 1. Self-Encryption and Self-Decryption
Malicious code may encrypt the virus body. Even using several layers of encryption and decryption and/or using random keys (Oligomorphic Viruses) in encryption and decryption. This makes them harder to examine directly.

2. Binders and Packers
Most virus signature files are created based on the checksum value which makes use of the file properties and first few bytes of the malicious code binaries. The binders technique is to bind the virus and malicious code file on to another file, which changes its form. The packers technique is to compress the virus code before it is embedded.

3. Polymorphism
Malicious code can change its default encryption settings as well as the decryption code during self-encryption. These make it much more difficult to detect.

4. Metamorphic Viruses
These do not have a decryptor or a constant virus body but are able to create new generations that look different. Malicious code change its form by, for instance, rearranging its code fragments or/and by adding useless lines of code into its source, and recompiling itself into a new form.

5. Stealth
The technique is designed to evade anti-virus software detection by hiding the code itself.

Let's have a talk about virus infection techniques in future post.

Wrap a BAT or VBS into an EXE

There is no way to convert a .vbs files or .bat files into an executable (.exe file) because they are not a compiled language. The process of converting source code into native executable code is called "compilation", and it's not supported by scripting languages like VBScript or Batch Files.

Alternatively, there are ways to wrap VBScript and BAT code files in to a standalone executable file. There is a native Windows tool called IExpress which you can wrap a vbs or bat into an .exe.

In XP or Windows 7 press windows key + r ( OR click Start, click Run) for Run dialog box. Then enter iexpress in Run dialog box, and click OK. This starts the IExpress Wizard.

1.     On the IExpress, select Create new Self Extraction Directive file and hit Next.

2.     Select Extract files and run an installation command and click Next.

3.     On next page type a title for your package and click Next.

4.     On the Confirmation prompt page, select No prompt and click Next.

5.     On next page, select Do not display a license and click Next.

6.     On the Packaged files page, click Add and select the vbs script or bat from the directory in which it resides:

7.     When you finish adding files, click Next.

8.     On the Install Program to Launch page, in the Install Program box,type;

 c:\windows\system32\cscript.exe “yourVBS.VBS OR yourBAT.BAT” 


 c:\windows\system32\wscript.exe “yourVBS.VBS OR yourBAT.BAT”

Leave the Post Install Command box BLANK.

9.  On the Show window page, select Hidden and click Next.

10.  On the Finished message page, select No message and click Next.

11.  On the Package Name and Options page, enter the path and file name that you want for this distribution package. Check both boxes and click Yes to the warning under Options and click Next.

12.  On the Configure restart page, select No restart and click Next.

13.  On the Save Self Extraction Directive page, select Save Self Extraction Directive(SED) file:, edit the path and name of the file, and click Next.

14.  On the Create package page, click Next. When the package has been created, click Finish to exit.

15.  The package will now be created with the name you specified and have an extension of .EXE.

Now you can wrap and send your funny VBScripts and Batch files as exe file. ;)